Top Isis


Handmade leather top Isis Moonshade


The smoking hot Isis tops are made from real leather, cotton jersey and brass trims.

They can be worn over a tanktop, a bra or -if you are in a daring mood- without an additional top, as the straps at the front will cover your chest rather well. Their striking design make them a great eyecatcher that will make any plain outfit look very interesting. The tops are lightweight and breezy, so very comfortable to wear in a hot environment.

The Isis MoonshadeUrb is made with sturdy beige leather and green and purple-grey cotton jersey. It has a very loose fit, so it will work for cupsizes 80A trough 95F. The smaller the cupsize, the more skin it will cover. The top will fit anyone with a clothing size XL, except for cupsizes over F.

Soft and supercomfy but never boring; perfect for a trip through the wastelands, or to a party on the beach!

Our leather is procured from sustainable sources, so as to minimize our ecological footprint.

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