Top Dimah Moonshade Size M


Handmade leather bustier size M


The Dimah top is a uniquely designed wastelander top, inspired by corsets from the rococo-era.

The armour-like top is made from real leather (a mix of brown, purple and salmon pink) with a ‘crocodile’ like embossing.

It is decorated with reclaimed materials, metal studs, rivets and has brass clasps at the shoulders.

The top is made in a size M and can be worn with a bust circumference between 84 cm/33.7 inch and 90cm/35.43 inch.

Please keep in mind, the top is meant to compress the bust (without exposing the nipples) just like a rococo-era corset would. It laces in the back, but it is not necessary to pull the laces as tight as you would with a corset.

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