Dress Elia Pathfinder size M


Dress Elia Pathfinder size M


The Elia dress is a tight, comfortable dress made from cotton jersey.

It reaches down to just above the knees and has a ‘chimney’ collar that can also be worn as a hood.

Even though it is short and has no sleeves, it is surprisingly warm to wear.

The dress has two layers of fabric, making it reversible. Turn it inside out to have a completely different dress!

Bust circumference 80 cm/31.5″ (unstretched) and 86 cm/38.8″ (stretched)

Waist circumference 70 cm/27.5″ (unstretched) and 30.3″ (stretched)

Hip circumference 88 cm/34.6″ (unstretched) and 105cm/41.3″ (stretched)

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