Coat Joel Pathfinder size XL


Dramatic Military style long coat Joel size Extra Large.


The epic military style Joel coat is a signature Rosies Art design: Long and dramatic at the back, short and fitted at the front.

The jacket has long sleeves, a high, fitted collar, is fully lined and zips up at the front. Made from reclaimed materials, it has pockets, along with a barrage of distressed Post Apoc details. The Joel jackets are easy to put on in a heatbeat and comfortable to wear. They are a costume on their own, all they need are some pants (if you don’t want to get in trouble that is) and you’re all set!

This coat is a size XL.

Bust circumference: 106 cm/41.7″

Waist circumference 104 cm/40.9″

Bicep circumference: 39 cm/15.3″

Shoulderwidth 52 cm/20.4″

Sleevelength 69 cm/27.1″

Length at center-back: 155 cm/61″

Length at center-front zipper: 64 cm/25.1″

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Size Extra Large